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Springfield Road Dental Practice

Dr Unity O'Neill from Springfield Road Dental Practice, talk about their experience of using Dentally.

Springfield Road Dental Practice

Practice Partner:
Dr Unity O'Neill

Private Practice

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Springfield Road Dental Practice is run by Dr Unity O’Neill and Dr Andrew O’Neill, and they offer general dentistry, Invisalign, implants and facial aesthetic treatments. The practice is fully private offering the highest standards of dental care to patients across Birmingham.


"The system is so intuitive and logically set out, our team were able to get to grips with the basics in just a few minutes."

- Dr Unity O'Neill: Springfield Road Dental Practice


Why choose Dentally?

In May 2017, we took over the practice, there was no computer system in place and so we had to look for tools to streamline and run the whole business.  We needed patient management software that was easy to use, could be set up quickly and would start working immediately. Dentally was the solution.

Dentally was so easy to use from the start, we had immediate access via the internet at the practice and it allowed me to work from home

How has Dentally saved you money on IT?

With Dentally, I was able to save money on costly IT and servers. There is no need for hefty servers and hardware, I run my entire reception and surgeries from HP computers and laptops from Argos! Many are wireless, and I have data points throughout. In previous practices, I often lost count of the times servers had gone down and we would have had to wait for over two hours for the system to reboot, this is not something we now worry about at Springfield Road Dental Practice, thanks to the cloud-based solution, Dentally. 

Do not be put off by the reliance on the need to connect to the internet – this is as reliable as a gas supply nowadays – if your internet router goes down you simply pick up your mobile and get back online through hot-spots or the use of 4G.

What are the key benefits of Dentally?

Working from anywhere is a huge benefit as well, Dentally allows me to work from home or on the move from surgery to surgery as and when needed. 

The whole system is fantastic, from ease of use to being able to work from anywhere, deal with my communication, integrate with imaging and get patients consent to treatments. I have been extremely happy with the service and product from Dentally and would definitely recommend.

How would you rate our support?

It is excellent, you receive instant support from the people who develop and maintain the product. Plus; I love the fact the system continues to evolve and develop, so it is constantly moving forward in line with what the users need”. 

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