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The Sandstone Dental Practice

Jenny Fearns from The Sandstone Dental Practice, talk about their experience of using Dentally.
Sandstone Dental
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Customer profile

Name: The Sandstone Dental Practice

Type: Private Practice

Previous system: Paper

Located in the heart of the Wirral peninsula, The Sandstone Dental Practice, pride themselves on treating patients as they would want to be treated themselves - with empathy, respect and compassion. Offering a high standard and wide breadth of specialist dental treatments for the whole family including children from 6 months of age. They also have a special interest in referrals from across the region for paediatrics, restorations, periodontics, endodontics, dental implants and oral surgery.

Dentally is a very easy system to use and is always being updated with new features, the system works very well for our busy practice. It is also very useful to be able to use Dentally off site.

Jenny Fearns - The Sandstone Dental Practice

Tell us about your practice?

The Sandstone Dental Practice offers private general practice dentistry and specialist dental referrals in Heswall in the Wirral. Previously using a paper based system, we were looking for a practice management system that was affordable and able to deliver a clear solution for our dental software needs.  We chose Dentally.

Really it has been the system as whole that has been a benefit for us at the practice.

How did you find the move to Dentally?

The process was easy, the training on the system worked well.  The software continues to work very well for our needs, and the key features of Dentally have been a great benefit.

What are the key benefits for you?

I would say being able to use it off site and work from anywhere has been a great benefit to us. Plus sending letters directly from Dentally to patients has been so much easier.

How do you rate our service?

The service from Dentally has been excellent.  A very good overall service from the set up to the continuing support


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