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Taylored Dental Care

Discover how partnering with Dentally has improved Taylored Dental Care's practice management and benefitted their team. 

Taylored Dental Care

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Carl Taylor


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"Dentally was an easy choice for us. We needed a truly cloud based solution to be able to monitor sites remotely and a host of benefits that cloud based technology brings."


- Carl Taylor: Taylored Dental Care 


Who are Taylored Dental Care?

TDC was established in Nov 2009, and grew to 3 branches over a 5 year period. We provide soley private dentistry with a real focus on nervous and anxious patients. Our tagline is "Dentistry for those who don't like dentists''.

We believe we have the best of both worlds with the benefits of a large single site practice and a small one.

Why did Taylored Dental Care choose to partner with Dentally?

Dentally was an easy choice for us. We needed a truly cloud based solution to be able to monitor sites remotely and a host of benefits that cloud based technology brings e.g. offsite access for the team, easy updates etc.

We were also impressed with the range of reports and the ability to customise reports to our own needs. Dentally has improved and continues to do so, it feels like they are growing with us and really staying up to date. The support from the Elevate programme really has been second to none, a real unexpected bonus and truly invaluable.

What are the most valuable Dentally features for your daily practice management?

  • 4fc09754-8b52-4add-8a25-252e9c75b57b[28] (1)Reporting

  • Accessibility

  • Communication features

  • User friendly

Tell us about your team and team culture. How does Dentally support this?

We have a truly incredible team at Taylored dental care. We only have 1 manager across 3 sites meaning the team has to be self motivated and great at what they do. This dedicated culture is easily rocked if things aren't working smoothly and so we're really pleased to have Dentally there to ensure the smooth running of the day. It has been 100% stable, no logging back in or drop outs and its seamless communication abilities ensure a stress free day for the team.

How has partnering with the Dentally Elevate Programme improved your practice and benefitted your team.

We were really shocked at some of our stats. I consider myself to be all over the numbers of our business but a number of metrics had been off my radar,  things like recall efficiency and others. Elevate has been great at highlighting areas of improvement then not only showing us where we could improve but then show us how to improve them. It has been wonderful to see those weaker areas improve and then shoot well past benchmark figures.

I can't recommend David Rutherford (Customer Success Manager) enough. He's a joy to work with and lots of fun to boot!

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