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Grand Central Dental

Dr Sabby Sandhu of Grand Central Dental talks about their experience of using Dentally.
Grand Central
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Customer profile

Name: Grand Central Dental

Practice Partner: Dr Sabby Sandhu

Type: Private Practice

Previous system: Paper

A small, friendly and family-orientated independent dental practice providing high quality private dentistry in a caring and relaxed environment. They have a principal dentist, a part time associate and two part time therapists supported by two senior nurses, an apprentice nurse and a receptionist.

Dentally is a deceptively simple yet robust cloud-based system which has enabled our non-techy team to become proud and confident users of a modern-day practice management software system.

Dr Sabby Sandhu - Great Central Dental

Why choose Dentally?

We had previously used a paper appointment book, but moved to Dentally after recommendations based on its strength as a cloud-based system with simplicity at its heart.

Dentally has enabled us as a team to become far more in control of our day and vastly improved our efficiency.

Dentally helped our practice to move away from a paper based appointment book confidently.  This is something we would have (and did) laugh and cry about just a few years back. We feel that anything is possible as long as you have self belief and reliable support.

What are the key benefits for you?

The simplicity and intuitive feel to the system is a real advantage to us. We like the stats too that can be brought up in an instance, giving us real time information on all aspects of our performance as a practice.

How do you rate our service?

We feel that the service we receive is always friendly and solution-focused. The team at Dentally always strive to ensure everything runs smoothly and are always updating the software with new useful tips and tricks. Keep up the good work and thank you for all your help over the years.

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