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Drayton House Dental Practice

Dr Ria Bella Patel from Drayton House Dental Practice, talk about their experience of using Dentally.
Drayton - Ria Bella
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Customer profile

Name: Drayton House Dental Practice

Practice Partner: Dr Ria Bella Patel & Dr Khush Shah

Type: Mixed Practice

Previous system: Paper and Shire

Drayton House Dental Practice, provide high quality, affordable dental care - serving Elstree, Borehamwood and neighbouring communities for more than 20 years.  The practice offers general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, tooth whitening and emergency care.

 “Dentally is easy to use and has a lot of functionality that help simplify our practice management. It is usable for all of our team, who all have differing abilities in terms of their IT skills”.  Dr Ria Bella Patel - Drayton House Dental Practice 

Tell us about your dental practice?

We are a well established dental practice in Borehamwood with a friendly, long-standing team. We are currently expanding to offer more services to our patients.  We are a private practice, and we offer NHS dental care to children.

Why did you decide to switch your practice management software? 

We were using a combination of a system called 'Shire' and paper notes but wanted to ensure all our records were fully electronic moving forward. Our current system was not easy to use and had limited functions, which was preventing us moving away from the paper notes and on to it fully.

Why did you choose Dentally? 

Dentally is easy to use and has a lot of functionality that help simplify our practice management. It is usable for all of our team, who all have differing abilities in terms of their IT skills.

How did you find the move to Dentally?

Sam who took care of us from our initial enquiry was very helpful with arranging a demo and discussing the sales side of things with us and responding to all our questions.   The data migration was handled by Adam who corrected any un-transferred data efficiently. He was moving data from our previous system,  which he had never used before, so we encountered a few hiccups but they were all dealt with quickly by the Dentally team to ensure we had all our patient data in the new software.

How did you find the training?

Our trainer was Graham.  We found the training really useful, things were explained in stages so as not to overwhelm the staff who were naturally worried about learning how to use new software. However, Graham managed to cater to all of their needs and spend extra time with those who had limited IT skills. The team are getting better, more proficient and confident at using Dentally day by day.

We appreciate it is early days, but how do you find using Dentally?

Dentally is user friendly and forward thinking, making practice management easier, clearer and more enjoyable!

For me personally, Dentally has simplified the way I can view patient details, charting and plan treatment. It has made communication with reception regarding booking of appointments more swift and the fact I can view it all at home makes things really convenient.

The other users like the clipboard function and how clear it is that patients are on the plan or not. I am hoping within the upcoming weeks we all become more slick at using the software and make the most of all its functions. I hope that the nurses will become confident in the charting as they were charting by hand until we started using Dentally!! The reception staff are definitely starting to make better use of the features Dentally has to offer, and starting to see how they can help to make things more efficient and easy

What do you see as being the key benefits of Dentally? 

Simple, laid out well visually, easy to use and logical. Also, key features such as the clipboard, being able to access remotely, make working with Dentally a great change!

Would you recommend us and why? 

Definitely. As I mentioned, Dentally is easy to use and learn. I like that it is continually evolving as the Dentally team work to improve it and add new features. The process of rebooking a patient for treatment following a check up is smooth and easy and the records are laid out clearly for everyone to see and use without fuss.   I would rate the service we have received from Dentally as 5/5.

Anything else you would like to add?  

Thank you for the hard work that has gone in to devising this practice management software. We are really pleased so far and have had great and prompt support especially from Graham, who was great at our training days. We are looking forward to new developments and features as time goes on! 

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