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Castle Lane Dental Care

Castle Lane Dental Car

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Zak Kara


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Castle Lane Dental Care was established over 20 years ago,  building up a enviable reputation in it's area, providing all aspects of general and cosmetic dentistry. The practice looks after primarily private patients with a small NHS contract for children, running three surgeries at the practice in Bournemouth.

"Key benefits of Dentally are definitely the ability to jump on from any location anywhere with Google Chrome.   And the interface has clearly been designed by dentists.  It just works!".

- Dr Zak Kara, Castle Lane Dental Care


Why did you choose Dentally?

We decided to change the software because we recognised the need for remote working, scheduling appointment diaries away from the clinic on our VOIP line and with Whatsapp and other online communication channels.   We had been using Exact, which was always server-hungry and when things went wrong we had to pay extortionate IT fees to get the server back on its feet again.  It became exhausting and drained staff morale.   

Dentally's team, was a key part of a decision making.   After all you end up buying into 'people' and the way they presented things as much as the final product and service made the decision for us.

How did your team find the onboarding process?

The handover from sales to the Onboarding team was excellent, very smooth and happened quicker than I could reply to the emails!  In fact i was the only person that slowed up the transition - as I had to find the time in my busy diary to respond.   Migration was no sweat.  We even managed to tidy up loose ends afterwards.

How did your team find remote training?

To be honest, remote training was expected to be a nightmare.  We ended up acquiring all the initial basic information from our trainer, Michelle and then continued with training our team in-house and progressively tying things together as the software started to be used and the team became more familiar. The fact that Michelle was consistently there throughout, could give us a true Practice Manager’s point of view, and always felt like she "had our back" which was invaluable.

How do your team find using Dentally?

Our team generally have taken to the software like ducks to water. They comment it’s very intuitive and also feels like you are “part of something” as there are so regularly updates and you can communicate with the support team on the online chat.  So many hours used to be spent waiting on hold to the SOE Exact support team.

Would you recommend us?

Really delighted with things so far and would recommend Dentally without a shadow of doubt.

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