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Broadbank Dental

Dr Adrian Beech from Broadbank Dental  talks about their experience of using Dentally.

Broadbank Dental is a fully private three surgery practice providing general dentistry and dental hygiene care in Lincolnshire. Formerly known as Rosemary Dental Practice, it began in 1977. Today the practice is owned by Principal dentist, Dr Adrian Beech, who has been there since 2000 along with a further dentist and two hygienists.

"Dentally is so simple, available from any device that will access the internet".

Dr Adrian Beech - Broadbank Dental

Why choose Dentally?

Following ‘appalling service’ from our previous software supplier after a server failure, I was keen to find an alternative to hosted software and soon learnt that cloud-based software eliminated the need for servers and expensive back-ups. Now the practice enjoys fast updates, simple graphics and good reports.

What are the key benefits of Dentally?

Overall management is actually similar to other systems - it's the back-up, ease of modification, overall cost to us and ultimately the ease of access. I could have an entire IT shut down, and still access records via my iPhone. My reception staff have even worked from home managing the practice!.

Sorry to be simple - but it just suits us. It's a bit like that faithful old Labrador - always there and desperately missed when not. There is a simple learning curve, functions are not over the top fancy, it is easy to use and the cost to the practice is very reasonable.

Would you recommend Dentally?

I would definitely recommend Dentally. It does what it says it will do. Back-up and support is excellent (unlike most of their competitors), plus Dentally represents value for money.

I would rate the service I receive from Dentally as 10/10

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