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Blackley Dental Surgery

Dr Sun Ku from Blackley Dental Surgery talks about their experience of using Dentally.

Blackley Dental Surgery

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Dr Sun Ku

NHS Practice

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Blackley Dental Surgery has been an family orientated NHS dental practice for over 50 years. The practice provides all types of dental services from NHS to cosmetic treatment as well as complex implant procedures and facial aesthetic procedure such as botox and dermal fillers.


Dr Sun Ku - Blackley


"Dentally is intuitive even for those who are less familiar with clinical software systems".

- Dr Sun Ku: Blackley Dental Surgery


Why move to Dentally?

So one of our concerns in selecting Dentally was whether web (cloud) based software could handle all our data and whether it would be slow. The fact was it was the complete opposite and it runs much faster than some software I've used previously which relied on the hardware of servers.

We also chose Dentally because of the cost and its ease of use. The Dentally team are very helpful; from setting a demo before you buy and the aftercare has been fantastic.

So intuitive and easy to use, cloud based software makes the initial hardware cost minimal. 

How do your team find Dentally?

All members of staff at Blackley Dental Surgery were able to get the hang of it after just three weeks of use. Even one of our nurse's who has been paper based for 40 years, picked it up and she doesn't even use a computer at home!

What are the key benefits?

Faster, intuitive, relatively cost effective and they provide great support (for free). I have already recommended Dentally to a number of different practices. I would add that out of the five different dental patient management software systems I've used over the years, Dentally is the best one so far.

How do you rate our service?

In one word – Brilliant.  Try Dentally, you will be surprised as to why the traditional big software companies have not done the same in terms of the software they supply.

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