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Birchwood Dental

Mark Woodger from Birchwood Dental talks about their experience of using Dentally.
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Customer profile

Name: Birchwood Dental

Practice Partner: Mark Woodger

Type: NHS Practice

Previous system: SOE - Exact

Birchwood Dental is a forward-thinking dental practice that puts patient care at the centre of its mission. As such, it’s an incredibly busy, mainly NHS, practice that caters to the needs of a diverse community. 

“The best tools combined with the best people, crate the highest levels of patient care”.

Mark Woodger - Birchwood Dental Practice

Why did you decide to switch software?

Birchwood is a busy practice that values patient care over and above anything else. We noticed an unhealthy amount of time was spent on producing reports, running recalls, backing up data and updating software. Even with a powerful server, if I wanted to see who was due a recall it could take 25 minutes to get that information, putting pressure on my schedule.

As a flourishing practice with a large database of patients, I began to think about transitioning the software to something, well, more manageable.  The practice needed a solution that was much faster than traditional software; something that would allow us the freedom to manage time more effectively. That’s why I turned to Dentally.

What are the key benefits of using Dentally?

As well as running a successful practice, I have a young family. It is more beneficial for me to manage the practice when and where I need to, without having to be tied to a desk in the evenings. The solution was an easy decision to make: move from outdated, slow software to cloud-based technology that is not only fast and efficient, but can be managed from anywhere.

With Dentally, I have the flexibility needed to maintain his work-life balance without compromising the practice. I can go home to spend valuable time with my family, and manage any extra practice work when it suits my schedule.

One of the ways I could utilise my time better was by running essential tasks quickly, in between patient appointments. Dentally’s recall reports run in less than a second, rapidly giving you a list of patients that you can send an SMS reminder to straight from Dentally.

I used to set the recall report and then go and make a cup of tea, now with Dentally, the report is finished before I can even get to the kitchen.

Would you recommend Dentally?

I originally looked to Dentally to help streamline the reporting and IT software – I wanted something more up-to-date and reliable. Now, I couldn’t be without Dentally; it has revolutionised the practice. The user journey is clear and simple, from adding a patient through to payment. 

The team are particularly pleased that NHS submissions are more easily managed.  Everyone finds it easy to use, with a straight forward form that alerts the user if there is an issue with it, so it can be resolved right then and there, saving buckets of time. A clear interface is easy to introduce to new team members, and I was able to train even our most technophobic staff to perform previously difficult tasks in a short time.

Dentally really has everything covered. So, you can focus on what’s really important in your practice – your patients.

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