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Alex Jones Dentistry

Nichola Brown, Business Manager at Alex Jones Dentistry talks about their experience of using Dentally.

Alex Jones Dentistry

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Christina Rackham


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Alex Jones Dentistry has two practices, in Barnsley and Penistone in Yorkshire. Patients are their priority and their team are highly trained to provide the highest level of care, consideration and comfort, combining state of the art technology with patient satisfaction. They provide routine dentistry, dental implants, smile makeovers, Invisalign and cosmetic dentistry.


Alex Jones Dentistry


Dentally works very well for each type of user we have, everyone has got to grips with it exceptionally well and they never have anything but positive things to say about the software”.

- Nichola Brown: Alex Jones Dentistry.


Why did you choose Dentally?

Based on a glowing recommendation, we thoroughly did our research and decided dentally was the best option for us. We had been using SOE - Exact.

One of the primary reasons we chose Dentally was the fact we could access the one system from both our practices in Barnsley and Pensitone. We didn’t really have any concerns about moving to Dentally, as we knew our decision to move over was the best for our business.

Has Dentally made things easier?

Yes, Dentally has made things a lot easier for everyone working across our two practices. There are a number of benefits for us, including access to one system at both our practices, the patient communications we can run through Dentally and ease of use.

Would you recommend us and why?

Yes and I have a number of times. Why?  Because everything has been smooth in terms of the transfer and the ongoing support from the Dentally team gives us the reassurance we wanted from a new system.  Dentally is so easy to use, very user friendly and makes life across two practices so much easier.

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