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FollowApp Care

FollowApp Care is a software platform that automatically monitors your patient's health before and after their appointment. 

FollowApp CareCOVID Safety Protocol

The alert system from FollowApp Care includes COVID-19 pre-screening and post-monitoring to help you run your practice more efficiently by using automated technology, so you’ll only be alerted when a patient is high risk or in need. It helps you safeguard both patients and staff.

How does it work?

Once a patient books an appointment their experience using this new integration would be as follows:

Day -1: (the day before the patient’s appointment) 8:30am. Patient receives a COVID-19 pre-screening survey via SMS.

Day 0: (the day of the appointment) → Patient receives an SMS that prompts them to call the practice if there have been any overnight changes to their health.

Day 1: (the day after the appointment) → Patient receives an aftercare check-in message to monitor their post-treatment recovery (for example, pain).

Day 14: (14 days after the appointment) → Patient receives a COVID-19 health check-in to see if patient has had a positive diagnosis for COVID-19 since their appointment.

All these communications will be triggered automatically and your staff will only be alerted if a risk case has been identified and/or a patient is in need. The FollowApp Care platform allows you to chat back and forth with the patient, and works alongside your patient communications within Dentally.

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