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Build a practice that thrives with Dentally

Dentally is fully cloud based dental practice management software designed to help you run your practice efficiently. Deliver exceptional patient care, a better patient experience, and enjoy a happier team.

Explore the core features of Dentally below.

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Why use Dentally?

Clinical Excellence

Clinical Excellence

Simple to use clinical workflows help you focus on delivering the best care. Understand patient history, manage patient records, and easily build treatment plans all in one system.

Patient experience

Patient Experience

All the features you need to retain and attract patients and give them the modern experience they expect. Minimise missed appointments, keep diaries full and maximise chair time.

Detailed reporting

Detailed Reporting

Take a snapshot of your income to understand the performance of your practice, or take a deep dive into practitioner activity to understand workloads, revenue and chair time optimisation.

Practice success

Practice Success

Improve the performance of your dental practice with Elevate, our customer success programme. With our support you can improve workflow efficiency, boost staff effectiveness.

More features from Dentally

Dentally has been designed to make the management of a dental practice easier, helping to save you time and money. Being fully cloud based brings a number of important benefits for you and your team.

Access anywhere via the Cloud

Work closely with your team from anywhere. All you need is Google Chrome and an internet connection. You can carry out important tasks from anywhere, helping you build a better work-life balance, and with no outlay on complex on-premises IT you also reduce your overheads.

Find out more about cloud dentistry

Integrate and organise

Dentally’s API allows you to securely integrate our practice management software with a number of third party platforms. This allows for seamless end-to-end clinical and practice workflows for a more efficient dental practice.

Read about our third party integrations

Your data is safe

We know data security is of the utmost importance, so we’ve built our software around it. Cloud software offers greater security than locally hosted files. Our data security is compliant with multiple independent criteria including ISO 9001, PCI DSS Level 1, SOC1, SOC2, SOC3.

Discover how we keep your data secure
Your data is safe (1)

Customisable user security

You’re in full control of who can access Dentally and to what extent. Two factor authentication and user permissions ensure that only the right people are able to access the right information. You can also set IP restrictions for users operating away from your practice, and see who accessed the platform, when, from where, and how.

Find out more about user security
Customisable user security

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Onboarding with Dentally is as easy as…

Onboarding with Dentally is as easy as-1

Data migration

We’ll work with you to arrange a convenient date and time for a smooth, simple data migration

Onboarding with Dentally is as easy as-2


We’ll take your team through two days of thorough on-site training so you’re all set to get started

Onboarding with Dentally is as easy as-3

On-going support

Once you’re up and running, we’re always available to answer questions and offer support

Want to know just how easily our customers have switched to Dentally from other systems?

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How we compare to other dental software

Designed in collaboration with dentists, our dental practice management software has all the features you need to run a thriving business. 

Features list Other suppliers Dentally

Cloud-enabled software, allowing you to work from anywhere and leverage the agility of cloud technology for faster and simpler dental practice management.

No server needed, and you don’t need high spec expensive IT and hardware to run the software and you benefit from daily updates.

Security is delivered through our platform encryption and security measures, and through strict access protocols for users.

Patient management is simple with an intuitive dynamic appointment book, automated communications and effective recall protocols.

Practice admin is streamlined, so you can stay on top of your admin, track and allocate tasks, manage finances and benefit from real time reporting.

Tailored clinical workflows to update a patients’ oral health, review and build treatment plans that support patient education and adoption.

Third party integrations with full API access to connect your apps to keep your practice workflows running smoothly.

Effortless patient experience through Dentally Portal for online appointment booking, forms, medical history and online payments.

Dentally Vision allows you to acquire, manage and access images and x-rays completely in the cloud.

Customer success programme, Dentally Elevate, designed to take your practice to new heights and grow your business.

Supporting all dental practices

Single site dental practices
Single site dental practices

Time and resources can often be in short supply at a busy single site practice, whether you one chair or five. Dentally reduces admin burden, saves time through automation, and improves effectiveness through task management, plus simple yet powerful clerical and clinical workflows.

Multiple practices-1
Multi-site dental practices

Run a single database across multiple sites (locations) and keep key aspects centralised while allowing each site independence where required. Share resources and admin duties, customise reports, use correspondence templates, manage your calendar and more.

New practices
New dental practices

We understand the challenges that come with setting up a new dental practice. That’s why our dental practice management software does much more than store patient records and manage appointments. Leverage the full potential of cloud technology to run your new business effectively and exceptional deliver patient care.

NHS practices-2
NHS practices

We integrate with the NHS in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, so managing your NHS work is simple. Patient records show any exemptions and you can submit claims from the patient chart in just a few clicks. Manage claims, track UDAs, and keep on top of your NHS contracts to ensure timely payment.


What makes Dentally different?

Dentally’s cloud enabled dental practice software, has been designed in collaboration with dentists. Our software helps practices to run more effectively, giving dentists more time for what matters, so patients can receive better treatment.  Dentally allows you to work from anywhere, streamline your practice, and has been built with ease of use at its heart - so your team can work seamlessly together.

What is involved in the onboarding process?

At Dentally we work with you to ensure switching your patient management software is a smooth process from start to finish, collaboratively working with you to ensure a smooth transition from a methodical approach to your data migration, comprehensive training to responsive support.

How secure is our data with Dentally?

Security is at the core of Dentally’s design and  is delivered in two parts. Firstly, in how we support you and advise on what you can do in terms of your practice and your team through specific privacy features. And secondly, in how we encrypt your information within our platform to give you complete peace of mind.

What happens if the internet goes down?

In the rare case that you lose your internet connection, you can still use Dentally.  A data hotspot on your mobile phone using a 3G/4G/5G data connection or a back-up router which can run on a SIM card will be more than sufficient to run the software over a mobile connection. Dentally does not require a large amount of data to allow you to run your practice.

What kind of support do you offer?

Responsive support is what we do, whether we are looking after new or existing customers, large or small dental practices. Customers can send us a message within the Dentally software using our live chat, to talk directly to Ellie Bot or our experienced and friendly team who are there to help you -  whenever you need it.  Take a look at our support area which features some informative step-by-step guides to every aspect of Dentally.

Can I integrate Dentally with other software tools?

Dentally’s API uniquely allows you to securely integrate your patient management software with a number of third party platforms to create an end-to-end clinical and practice workflow, saving you time and resources.  We also integrate with lots of different types of imaging and radiography software.

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Discover how Dentally can help your practice

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