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Patient Management

Dentally software fits your practice around your patients’ needs, covering all your patient management and allowing you to stay on top of admin, in control of a dynamic diary and up-to-date with all your schedules and patient records. From easy-to-use calendars to fast patient search and transparent records, you have everything you need to provide the best experience to your patients before they arrive and after they leave. 
Patient Management

Appointment book

The Dentally Diary is simple yet powerful, customisable and has a host of time-saving features. Search for gaps, copy and paste unbooked appointments from treatment plans, quickly contact or update a range of appointments, book families, block out time or set aside sessions - all the control is in your hands. Your team can interact seamlessly while keeping patients in the loop. 

An appointment from start to finish looks like this.

Appointment Book

Waiting ListsWaiting lists

Waiting lists in Dentally enable users to track and report on patients that are waiting for an appointment with a certain specialist, for example. Manage multiple types of waiting lists, fill cancelled appointments with priority patients, manage your lab work and track who has an outstanding requirement for an appointment. It is a useful tool to monitor waiting lists times against your internal targets, and for planning the introduction of a new type of service or a new practitioner to the practice by compiling an initial target marketing list.  Read the blog to learn more.

Patient RecordPatient records

The patient record has all the information you need at your fingertips and is quickly accessed by helpful links wherever you see a patient’s name or by a powerful search option. Contact details, full correspondence history, linked family members, medical history alerts, patient sticky notes, accounts - it’s all there. Dentally is based in your browser, and you can work on multiple patients at the same time, keeping a patient record open and visible in different tabs to speed up the patient journey.  Take a look at our detailed patient records 

Patient portal

Dentally’s Patient Portal allows you to manage the patient’s journey with your dental practice, starting before they arrive at the practice and helping you to build and develop your patient relationships. The Patient Portal is customised with your practice branding, and can be reached by a link sent by email or SMS or by adding a login section to your website. Patients can easily and securely login to manage their medical history, review and sign treatment plans and consent forms, update contact details and pay outstanding balances.

Read more about the Patient Portal and how it can assist you in managing your patient relationships.

Online appointment Online Appointment Bookingbooking

Online appointment booking allows your patients to view, book, reschedule, manage and cancel appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also works with the automatic recalls within Dentally - the correspondence sent can simply contain a link so the patient can immediately book their recall appointment.

There’s no limit on bookings or treatment types and links with SMS and email booking confirmations. New patients can register with the practice and book specific new patient appointments, while existing patients’ options can be configured specifically to their payment plan. Deposits taken and booking terms and conditions are just some examples of the extensive control you have over the booking process.

Take a look at how you can give your patients a great booking experience. 

Cloud innovation to transform the way you communicate with patients

Cloud innovation to transform the way you communicate with patients

We know your patients are your top priority, so we're introducing brand new features to enhance your patient communications. With Dentally, you'll be able to call your patients directly from their record, send SMS links for contactless check-ins and payments, and leverage the power of your data using our patient reports.

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