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Mawson Dental Care

We recently spoke with Practice Principal and Owner of Mawson Dental Care, Dr Robert Honeybone, about his switch to cloud with Dentally.

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Name: Mawson Dental Care, Australia

Practice Partner: Dr Robert Honeybone

Dr Robert Honeybone's team at Mawson Dental Care, share their experiences of moving to the cloud with Dentally, from Henry Schein One.

For four decades, the Mawson Dental Care team have consistently provided excellent care in all areas of dentistry for local and interstate families. Our approach to dentistry is the same today as it was all those years ago when we first opened our doors. Dentistry with a gentle touch and empathetic care.

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Why did you decide to change your practice management software?
We wanted something that was more user-friendly and modern. Oasis was lacking functions that we needed and wanted. We also wanted better off-site accessibility options.
Why did you choose Dentally?
We initially looked into Dentally because it seemed very user-friendly and had all the features we were looking for, including good financial review features and an aesthetic interface. A big part of our final decision was the amount of initial and ongoing support provided by the Dentally team.
How was the move to Dentally and the training?
While it was a big change and a lot to absorb, it was a smooth transition. The prior online training was very helpful and going live was great! The support function is also handy, allowing us to search for the information/instructions we need and when that doesn’t work, the support team is always quick to get in touch to sort things out.
How do your colleagues find the software, from a clinical and admin perspective?
Admin Perspective: The software so far has been great. It’s easy to use and it’s great that new features and upgrades are being implemented regularly.
Clinical Perspective: There is a few more steps required than we used to carry out in Oasis. However, this has led to a better recall system, significantly better treatment planning and more accurate booking for next appointment and overall better patient retention and productivity.


What do you see as being the key benefits of Dentally? 

  • User Friendly

  • Web based – allowing us to log in anywhere

  • Searching for available appointments is now very easy

  • HFO charges easier to deal with

  • Audit history, errors easier to keep track of

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Anything else you would like to add?   

While it has been a big transition, the support has been fantastic and we are so happy we made the change.

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