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East Geelong Dental

Discover why East Geelong Dental Practice chose Dentally as their cloud-based dental software. Learn about their experience, the benefits of Dentally, and how it has improved their practice management.

East Geelong Dental

Practice Partner:
Dr. Sunny M Singh


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Tell us about your background 

We are a Patient-focused dental surgery with decades of care and support. East Geelong Dental Practice has been a trusted dental clinic in Geelong for over 30+ years. We believe in offering quality and affordable treatment to our patients and looking after people with a genuine smile. We are committed to providing quality family dental care in a professional yet caring environment.

Why choose Dentally? 


We wanted a cloud based program that was easily accessible no matter where you were. Dentally stood out with ease of use and intuitive features. Also brings the patient experience of booking the appointments online to a whole different level.

Practice management side of things is also very well taken care of and features are added on regular bases from our feedback to make things easier and simpler to manage.


What is your experience of moving to Dentally?

Right from our initial enquiry, everyone was very helpful with arranging demos and discussing the sales side of things with us and responding to all our questions. The data migration was handled well and our training day was excellent. Dentally support is second to none. Support staff answers and solves queries efficiently.

How do you find using Dentally?

Dentally is user friendly and forward thinking, making practice management easier, clearer and more enjoyable. Dentally has simplified the way we view patient details, charting and plan treatment. It has made communication with reception regarding booking of appointments more swift and the fact we can view it all at home makes things really convenient.

Charting was slightly challenging to us at the beginning but Dentally has been making changes and bringing new features nearly every month.  

What do you see as the key benefits of Dentally?

Being cloud based, Dentally has a big advantage over the server based softwares. Initial setup costs and ongoing costs are very low compared to server based softwares.

Easy access from a number of devices including mobile, makes managing books from anywhere in the world so much easier.

Dentally vision (imaging software) takes it to another level by being able to access radiographs,CBCT, CADCAM files from any internet connected device.

This is my personal favourite feature. Cannot recommend Dentally vision along with Dentally enough.