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Health Fund Integrations

Generate estimates and make claims with health funds to instantly understand what a patient will have to pay and create payments. Integrated with your health funds terminal, triggering a claim from Dentally will send the claim information straight to the terminal and health fund, saving you time and reducing errors. Simply swipe the patient’s health fund card on the terminal.
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Health Fund Estimates and Claims

Health fund claiming in Dentally allows practices to easily send claims to their  Health Fund terminal directly from Dentally, saving them time and effort from having to do this manually - it also reduces the element of human error!

Processing and submitting a Health Fund Estimate is simple.  Complete the charting and treatment planning in Dentally as normal.   Once this is done, to generate a new health fund estimate you simply click the Estimate button and select Health Fund Estimate. You can then make any necessary changes and click send.   This then sends a message to the terminal from Dentally.  The patient can then swipe their card and once done, you can then print the estimate for the patient.   This information is stored within Dentally as a future record.

Our integration also allows you to make a claim, with all the details stored within Dentally against the patient's account.  Practices can choose whether to do this manually or through electronic claims.

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