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Multi-site practices

Multi-site in Dentally allows you to run a single database across your multiple dental practice sites, keeping key aspects centralised but allowing for separate working where required. 

Dentally offers you the flexibility to customise your reporting and share your resources; whether you wish to set up a centralised call centre, share admin duties, use correspondence templates or allow practitioners to work at different locations.

Optimise your diary

Setting up your diary across multiple sites is straightforward. Each site has its own working hours and practitioner working areas configured, and then each diary can be shared across multiple sites. Easily identify gaps for your patients across multiple locations or refer to a specialist to a specific site. It also aligns to Dentally Portal, so patients can select their preferred location.



The multi site switcher enables practitioners to work in different locations during the course of a week, so that their activity is logged against the correct site. They can see their appointments for that location and it is aligned to the reporting tools to track activity.


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Our multi site feature allows you to easily manage your practice inbox for both email and SMS messages for each site. The inbox can be filtered to show incoming messages from patients at a particular site or across multiple sites as a whole. Messages can then be dealt with by the appropriate team and stored on the patient record.



Real time reporting is simple to use in Dentally for multi site dental practices. Use the extensive choice of filters to view and manipulate data for a single site, specific practitioner at a particular site or collectively to take a view of your business as a whole with all sites included.


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