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Dentally Portal

Deliver an exceptional patient experience in your practice and anywhere your patients are. Patients can book appointments, update medical history and more, all at a time and place of their choosing. But you’re in complete control of the whole process.


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Discover Dentally Portal

You know your patients best, that's why we've developed a suite of tools that allow you to customise your patient journey in a way that works for you and them.

With an end-to-end digital workflow, you can deliver a seamless experience both inside and outside of the practice. All bookings and completed forms sync automatically with your calendar and patient records, no extra admin needed.



Online Booking

Online dental appointment booking has never been easier. When you turn on Online Bookings with Dentally Portal, your patients can use the dental appointment booking system at a time that suits them, from any location. 


Online Forms

Patients can easily complete their medical history and other forms from the comfort of their own home or on the go. This minimises admin for your reception team and streamlines the pre-appointment process for your patients.


Dentally Concierge

*NEW*                                                   Completing your digital workflow in this mode of Dentally Portal enables any patients who haven’t yet completed their forms to do so digitally on a tablet (Apple or Android) once they arrive - eliminating the need for paper forms.


Dentally Kiosk

*COMING SOON*               Enabling Kiosk mode prompts patients to check in from your practice device once they arrive on-site. If the patient has any outstanding forms, they will be prompted to talk to the reception team.

Ready to see what Dentally Portal can do?

How Dentally Portal supports dental practices

Get a quick overview of how our dental patient portal delivers great patient experience while saving you time and effort.


Empower your patients but keep control

Dentally Portal has been designed so that your patients can manage their dental care journey. It allows easy online dental appointment booking via your website or a simple link sent to the patient if you don’t have a website for Portal to integrate with.

Patients can easily complete their medical history, update their contact details, or carry out other admin from the comfort of their own home. This minimises day-to-day admin for your reception team and streamlines the dental booking system, reception activities, and payment processes.

But you’re in complete control.

Dentally Portal is designed to fit seamlessly into your practice workflows. You can easily customise which features are active to avoid overwhelming your team.


Easy online booking process

With Dentally, booking appointments online is fully in your control. Our dental booking software is user-friendly; you can turn it on/off and customise it to your practice. You can set up the appointment scheduling software with rules on when, where, and how far ahead a patient can book online. You can be assured of full diary control, knowing that practitioners’ working hours are organised and not overloaded.

Online dental appointment booking 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
Easily add the link to your website booking page.
Give patients flexibility in managing their appointments.
Attract new patients through an effortless booking experience.
Increase chair time utilisation by filling gaps with online bookings.

Dentally Portal FAQs

Is Dentally Portal fully integrated into my software?

Yes, Dentally Portal is fully aligned with your practice workflows, and all changes made in the Portal are reflected in real time within your Dentally software. This means your whole practice can receive up-to-date information about appointments, cancellations, payments, medical history, and more at the click of a button. Managing bookings for dental treatment is a breeze.

Can patients complete their medical history and other forms online?

Patients can complete their online medical history and other forms from the comfort of their home securely by logging into Dentally Portal.

How easy is Dentally Portal to set up?

The platform is so intuitive that it’s easy to set your practice up yourself using your admin panel. Customise the branding for your practice, set up opening hours, appointment durations, treatment types, diary sessions and practitioners; and if you have a multi-site practice you can provide the option to choose the location patients wish to visit.

How secure is Dentally Portal?

Don’t worry about data security. Our Two Factor Authentication login method for Dentally Portal makes the platform secure. When a patient signs up for Dentally Portal for the first time their data is validated and updated on your practice management system, ensuring your practice has the correct contact details and medical history.

Do I need a website?

Patients can access the Portal by a link sent via email or SMS, or you can add a login button to your own website. So even if you don't have a website you can still use Dentally Portal, allowing patients to schedule their appointments and take control of their oral health.

Discover how Dentally can help your practice

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Discover how Dentally can help your practice

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