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Doctor Humphrey Dental Surgery

Dental Nurse Kylie Hansson talks us through her experience of moving to Dentally from a previously paper-based system at Doctor Humphrey Dental Surgery in Bellerive. 


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Customer profile

Name: Kylie Hansson

Practice Partner: Doctor Humphrey Dental Surgery

Type: Paper based

With no prior experience using dental practice management software and just a little experience using POS and MYOB accounting software, the team of six were looking for a way to move away from paper and benefit the running of their small, general dentistry focussed surgery. 

Why did you choose to move away from paper-based with Dentally? 

We chose Dentally mainly because of the special pricing with set-up fees. The practice needed a better way to send recall reminders for patients - we were relying on postal recalls - if the reception team were busy, then these could easily be missed, occasionally lost in the post, or just not received by patients. 

We also didn't do any follow-up reminders if a patient missed their recall as it is a massive clerical task having to manually go through paper files to see who has missed recalls. 

How did you find the move to Dentally and the training? 

The move from paper to the cloud has had its ups and downs. Our principal dentist is not overly computer literate, so there has been some reshuffling of duties for the nurses. The training was good - there was a lot of information to take in initially as we went from paper to computer. The backup for us has been good, and areas we didn’t understand, to begin with, have been walked through by the team at Dentally and explained further, which has been helpful.

How do your colleagues find the software from a clinical and admin perspective? 

Generally, it has been good.   We have had some steep learning curves, as most of our staff haven't come from a computer background. We still have some clinical aspects to streamline within the practice.

Having "notes" pre-put in the system with shortcuts has made it easier for the "non-computer" users.

It's much easier in admin/reception - recalls are good - there are fewer "human errors" when processing claims and once the patient has been set up correctly in Dentally, it makes it much easier for us to see outstanding treatment plans and give treatment estimates. 

Now the new discount options have been updated too - that works much better for us. 

What do you see as being the key benefits of Dentally? 

For us, the key benefits are better patient communication and treatment plans that we can now see are outstanding. 

Anything else you would like to add?

The support we have received and the prompt service from the staff if there are any issues has been great - running a new program hasn't been too stressful.

If you would like to learn more, then contact us today  to see how Dentally can support your dental practice.