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Chairsyde is a state-of-the-art consultation platform solving your communication challenges. We help our dentists to encourage educated, happy patients to make better decisions about their treatment choices. Use a library of cutting-edge animations and follow-up visual consent - all while boosting case acceptance and protecting patients with our risk mitigation tool.

Third party integrations

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For visionary dentists focused on patient centric care.

How It Works:

Chairsyde can be used in two ways: with your patient in the chair and once they’ve left the practice.

Here’s how:

  • Present engaging and informative animations and visuals of your patient’s condition and treatment options while they’re in your chair.

  • Benefit from a consultation process that’s contemporaneously tracked, time-stamped, and stored in your patient’s records.

  • Send Chairsyde curated animations, digital patient information leaflets, post-operative care instructions and consent forms to your patient via dentally and receive signed patient consent in just a few clicks.

  • Chairsyde has helped dentists nationwide to increase case acceptance whilst improving patient satisfaction, goodwill and trust.

 How To Get Set Up:

Our dedicated team will help you understand the benefits you and your patients can experience using our patient-friendly animations and digital workflows.

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